No nameservers after moving registrar to Cloudflare

I’m posting this on my personal Cloudflare account since I have no way to receive email to my business domain currently. If a Cloudflare representative reads this, I’ve created a ticket and that is ticket # 1727206.

I moved my last two domain registrars to Cloudflare within the past week ( and Tonight, those two domains are having issues (in other domain registrar moves to Cloudflare, they have gone smoothly).

The issue with both domains is that no nameservers are coming up when doing a whois. No DNS records are resolving when querying. I have no way to set the nameservers since the registrar is now Cloudflare and I see no place to set those. However, the nameservers at the prior registrar were set to Cloudflare nameservers…so I’m not sure why the issues. I also have no way to communicate via email from that domain (stutsmans .com) since there are…effectively no MX records. Assistance would be greatly appreciated!

It would appear the nameservers got lost for some reason during the transfer.

Only support can help you in this case, they need to manually re-set them.


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Thanks sandro for the reply…I figured it would take Cloudflare support to set them. Would you happen to be able to take a guess as to how long this process could take? Having no DNS is, as you can imagine in this day and age, not a position one wants to be in for long.

I am sorry, really cant make a guess. That could be anything from five minutes to a days-long odyssey, it probably really depends whom you reach at support.

But I fully understand your situation, best might be to “spam” @cloonan if support does not react within a reasonable time.

Right after I posted my reply to you I received an email indicating that, at least the main domain, was fixed. So I’ve been verifying and indeed that domain is back in action. So, again, thank you for replying and thanks to Cloudflare for resolving the main domain nameserver issue! Now I’ll wait and see if the secondary domain is resolved at some point.

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Hi @technical9, it is usually pretty quick, :crossed_fingers: I will take a look at progress in a bit.