No more WARP for me

Deleting this from all my systems and devices.

Sure it’s free–but why even release a free product if Cloudflare’s intentions and actions are legitimate?

It interferes with lots of operations on the local network that it shouldn’t be affecting. It breaks interactions with many legitimate cloud systems like iCloud.

It appears to be unsupported.

So, there must be something nefarious going on to make such an invasive technology free.

Such as?

… What?

Cloudflare’s goal is a safer internet - encryption (such as with a VPN) that stops MITM attacks on something like a public network is a clear way to reach that goal.

Not by any sense of the word unsupported, no.

You believe that a VPN, something that fundamentally changes how your traffic is routed, possibly causing routing issues means it’s malicious?

That’s your first go-to? Not troubleshooting or seeing if there’s a configuration change for you to make but going straight to the idea that there’s some grand malicious scheme at play.

If you only want specific applications or traffic sent over the proxy then you can do that -

If you want to know how WARP works & how it routes your traffic, you can do that too -

Maybe you want the privacy policy for the so-called ‘nefarious’ service?

Perhaps one of the issues that you’ve not mentioned is geolocation related - that’s also documented here:

Lots of reading that you can do to come to a much more realistic conclusion.


Because Cloudflare isn’t a fly-by-night VPN service, it’s a $17 Billion technology security company used by a large percentage of big enterprise companies. They’ve proven themselves to be a trustworthy company that’s had positive benefits on the Internet as a whole.

WARP is also part of Zero Trust Network Access, a paid service for business customers.

I received the following notification (screenshot attached.)

It states that my post was flagged by “the community” as off-topic. This is a false justification for the act of censorship here. The topic was:

  1. Is Cloudflare legitimate or nefarious?
  2. WARP breaks iCloud.
  3. WARP is unsupported.

I addressed every one of those issues (while the other members ignored them.) So how can it be off-topic? (And why is it such a big deal, in a thread with only 2 replies?) --If posts can be censored by anonymous individuals, and there is no punishment for making false reports, how can Cloudflare justify this claim that a saboteur represents the community??? This is simply a lie (and yet another example of what I regard as mismanagement.)

Looking at the hidden post, the entirety of the post following ‘It appears to be unsupported’ is more likely than not what went off-topic.

You didn’t address if the WARP product was unsupported or not, you went on to speak about…

  • ‘subverts the company’s mission and wastes the customer’s time’
  • ‘schizoid management policies’
  • ‘other support sites where censorship does not obstruct problem resolution’
  • ‘the damage is usually limited to wasting the customer’s time’

The thread is not a platform to air grievances regarding ‘censorship’ or ‘mismanagement’ - it’s ‘a place to share skills, knowledge and interests through ongoing conversation.’

If you had stuck to a narrative regarding if WARP is supported or not, either from the perspective of application updates or if there is support available from Cloudflare, then sure - but that part of the hidden post is most definitely off-topic as far as this thread.

The Feedback - Cloudflare Community category is the appropriate place for such discussion and most definitely not in the middle of another thread.

Like the automated message you got said, feel free to edit that part out and the message will be unhidden (by the edit, regardless if you remove that section or not).

You are essentially saying that the victim of censorship is responsible for guessing what offended the censor. Can I say “Kafkaesque” here?

You didn’t address if the WARP product was unsupported

I gave two examples of how bad management policies obstruct support for this product. What part of that did you not understand?

The thread is not a platform to air grievances regarding ‘censorship’ or ‘mismanagement’

But your actions in this thread demonstrate that you think it is a place to air suspicions about Cloudflare’s integrity — otherwise, you would have flagged the original post as well (instead of responding to it.) I think a reasonable person would regard that as somewhat hypocritical: it’s okay for you to address the topic, but not someone else who is, apparently, ‘beneath your stature’. Someone got triggered by something, and that something is called the truth.

The Feedback - Cloudflare Community category is the appropriate place for such discussion

Then this should also apply to the original post. Duplicity does not become you.

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