No more Tunnel Bandwidth charges?

Excited to see this announcement: A Boring Announcement: Free Tunnels for Everyone

A few questions:

  1. Will Argo Tunnels with Acceleration no longer be charged for bandwidth effective immediately or only tunnels that don’t have acceleration enabled?
  2. For existing Argo legacy un-named tunnels if Argo Tunnel Acceleration is disabled will those tunnels be deleted?

Based on the blog announcement, they are properly separating the two products.

Tunnel is a free connection initiated at the origin.

Argo is a fee-based routing optimization feature that can be added onto Tunnel.

If you’re using Acceleration, you’re probably already paying for it. If you’re using a legacy tunnel, I suggest you update to the new Ingress format.

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Thanks @sdayman.

I am still not clear on one thing. My use case is that I have a web site with Cloudflare using Cloudflare workers and want to connect to my origin server from my worker using Cloudflare tunnel but NOT use and pay for Argo routing optimization. The article seems to indicate that the tunnel is free, but the link of the article points to a tutorial ( which list Argo routing optimization as a prerequisite.

So is my scenario above really free and if so, how can I actually implement it without activating Argo fee based routing optimization?

I was able to successfully configure it without enabling Argo, so yes, Cloudflare tunnels can be used free of charge. The confusion arose from the linked article of the announcement that indicated that one should enable Argo on the account, but that was one use case only and is not required.

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