No more emails for you! That's the CloudFlare protection!

Well, well… Nice of you guys to change how you handle emails 15 days ago or so, but never bothering to let anyone know. Really? The result? All emails from a couple of domains from the last couple of weeks were never delivered. Poof! Gone! That’s some protection from Cloudflare! Wow! And now I have to figure out how to change MX records or whatever? Easier to cancel my account and remove the domains and move on.

What exactly are you having issues with, MX records for an external email provider or the Email Routing product?

I have no idea. I checked with my hosting company and they said that “If you are using Cloudflare you will need to make sure your MX records are not being proxied at Cloudflare” and “It looks like they did this change 15 days ago… you need to turn the green proxied cloud off over at Cloudflare on those MX records you have.” No idea why a change with such catastrophic consequences was implemented without any warning. As soon as I suspended the domains, email works again – just like it did for the last 5 freakin’ years until Cloudflare did whatever it did 2 weeks ago. Grrr!

The audit log ( will tell you who/what updated a record.

I’m not sure I understand though - you can’t proxy MX records.

The cloud is orange too - but that might just be someone misremembering.

Despite not being syntactically correct, I interpreted that to mean the A record the MX referenced was :orange: proxied.

If the record was :grey: at one point, it might be worth reviewing the audit logs to see what triggered the change.

I agree about the poor syntax. That, combined with my basic lack of technical knowledge when it comes to DNS records, has resulted in my total incomprehension on what changed, why I wasn’t notified by Cloudflare that something had indeed changed, and, of course, how to fix it. BTW, as soon as I suspended the domains, old emails popped up. At least nothing was permanently lost.

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