No matter where I nslookup my domain, it will resolve to American IPs

I tried China and Hong Kong. I see there are servers in China and Hong Kong, but why it doesn’t resolve to the IPs of them. The plan I use for this domain is Pro.

Cloudflare uses Anycast routing for all their ip addresses:

Most of their IP ranges are just registered in the US, which is why you see US flag when you geolocate the IPs,

You can see which location (COLO) you are reaching by visiting

(replace with your domain)


Thank you! I have two more questions.

  1. Are there some nodes only provided to big clients?
  2. Can I get all the COLO codes and which country they represent?

Yes, and if a POP needs to offload some traffic then users in higher plan types are the least likely to be removed from that POP.

China is a different situation. In common with all CDNs, the in-China network is not available without that feature being added to an Enterprise Account, and requires the customer have an ICP license.

The codes are standard IATA airport codes. has a full list of POPs that includes the codes.

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