No luck blocking a spammer by his ASN

I have a user or bot visiting my site every day, apparently it is done on cookie extensions. I want to block the user and put different rules, but he still comes to the site, as if the rules were not created.
I decided to block the user by ASN, but he still from the same ipv4 and ASN continues to enter, how is this possible? How do I block him?

How do you determine that requests still reach your server even though you blocked the AS?

Also, your server does not seem to have a proper certificate and you will have an insecure encryptoin mode on Cloudflare. In short, your whole site will still be without proper encryption.

And how do you get a certificate? Can it be done for free?

  1. Paid certificates are just fine
  2. Yes, there have been free certificates for about 20 years
  3. Cloudflare provides Origin certificates - Origin CA certificates · Cloudflare SSL/TLS docs
  4. I’d recommend to pause Cloudflare while you fix your server -

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