No longer receiving emails from etc. [DNS Issue]

Like this?

nur means “only DNS”

That defeats the purpose of this:

Exactly, but cannot use same IP for web hosting and email with protected (as free user). If proxied, then email system will not work.

now I have:
MX - - - 10 - auto - only dns
This seems to work (receiving emails) BUT there is that orange icon which says that this leaks my ip address

Do you know of any other option?

I think both will also leak my ip?

I’m afraid Yes, both will leak your Server IP.

Mail servers need public IP addresses. That’s why it’s best to not host email on the same server as your website. However, if you use the ‘mail’ hostname, you can proxy your web server and make it a less obvious target.


I am on shared hosting there :frowning:
So which option should I prefer now as I have 2:

An A-Record & MX record like:
A - mail - IP - DNS only
MX - - - 10 - DNS only

or this MX entry:
MX - - - 10 - DNS only

both will leak IP. but which one would you prefer?

And btw. thank you all for the help here, you guys are amazing :slight_smile:

Why do you want to create this A record? :smiley:

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