No longer have access to 2FA app, put in a ticket 4 days ago and no respose

Hi: We no longer have access to our 2FA option and I needs to get into our dashboard so we can launch an updated website. I put in a ticket on 9/28/23. No confirmation email that the ticket was received. Really need to get this resolved asap. Please advise/

How do you mean? If your account has it enabled, you would have configured your 2FA app to generate codes, and you would have saved the emergency codes provided in case there was an issue with your 2FA app.

Which part isn’t working?

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We do not have access to the emergency codes, and the authentication app with the 2FA got erased with a phone transition accidentally. We have put multiple tickets in and not received any acknowledgment that a ticket was submitted.

Do you have a ticket number or numbers? I do not see any tickets under the account you are using here.

Hi: I submitting the ticket under the email associated with the account which is not mine. Since I couldn’t get into the dashboard I had to create a new login just to post this. We never got any confirmation at the email associated with the account that a ticket was even submitted.

If you post a domain name active on that account, they can probably track down the email address, then get things moving on your ticket.


Hi: I am assuming you can see the entirety of my email on the back end. The domain is what follows the @ on my email address

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@cloonan sorry for all the response. The email associated with the account starts with info and is the same extension as mine (assuming you can see it on my user profile). That is the one I put the tickets under.

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Thank you, I see ticket 2201800 with a confirmation that the 2FA has been removed, can you see if you’re able to login now?

Hi: Still askiing for 2FA.

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I am going to flag that ticket and this conversation for my colleagues in Support. While we wait for them, I see on the ticket that you have access to the email that controls the account, can you uses this recovery link to see if you’re able to access? This link may help, but it only work when logged out

If you know the email and have 2FA issues:

Hi: all this takes me to is this which is what I have already done.

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Thank you for the details.

Is the email you entered in this spot on the form the account owners’ email?
Screenshot 2023-10-02 at 1.22.31 PM

I do not see a ticket from 4 days ago, the ticket I found is years old

We never received any confirmation that the ticket was accepted. I do have access to that account and did set up the ticket with the account owners email.

Thank you, I am going to create a ticket on behalf of info@ and will share the number here. I’ve already flagged this discussion for my colleagues.

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Thank you. Will we get a confirmation at that email address?

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Yes, it is ticket 2955720, I’ll add that to the information I shared with my colleageus and I am also cc’d on the ticket to track progress.

Many thanks! I really appreciate your prompt assistance.

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