No longer authorized for own website

I switched my DNS to Cloudflare a month or so ago.

I went to view my Google Search Console stats this morning and google tells me I’m no longer authorized to view my account and need to verify my ownership. I did this when I switched my DNS a month ago and it’s been working fine. I check stats regularly.

I go to verify with Cloudflare and now Cloudflare is telling me I do not have authorization to access or make changes to my website. …everything was fine when it was set up.

What happened? Why was my website removed from my account? I haven’t accessed my Cloudflare account since I set it up over a month ago.

Please advise.

Hi @user6713 your audit log shows the site was removed from your account April 2 and added back April 27. You can see that in your audit log

When it was added back a different set of nameservers were assigned, those are shown here,

You need to contact your registrar and ask them to remove the current 2 cloudflare nameservers and replace them with the two new ones assigned.