No longer able to upload products from Amazon/eBay to website due to change in certificate?


I would be grateful if someone could help me with this. I use a Chrome extension (Wooshark) to upload products from Amazon/eBay to my WordPress/WooCommerce website ( However, I recently noticed that I am no longer able to upload products from Amazon/eBay to my website. I get a pop-up message saying “Moved Permanently. The document has moved here.” (To see a screenshot, please click here.) I contacted Wooshark and they replied saying that it’s probably due to one of the following:

  • change in certificate (check with the host provider)
  • change in configuration (check with your host provider Apache or Nginx server)
  • change in your host provider’s setting (check error with host provider)

In the SSL/TLS section of Cloudflare, I do remember making changes to Edge Certificates and Origin Server around 3 weeks ago. I activated/enabled the following:

  • Edge Certificates: Upload Custom SSL Certificate, Always Use HTTPs, TLS 1.3, Automatic HTTPS Rewrites, Certificate Transparency Monitoring
  • Origin Server: Authenticated Origin Pulls

Can you please tell me which of those features/functionalities I should deactivate/disable in order for me to be able to upload products from Amazon & eBay to my WordPress/WooCommerce website, again?

Unfortunately, although I am paying $5/month to Cloudflare for its Rocket Loader functionality, I have been told that I am not a “paying customer” and cannot get e-mail support. Therefore, I can only count on this forum for support. Thanks, in advance, for your help.


If you pause cloudflare on your site are you able to make the changes?

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