No links for editing contacts or transfer out

It says in the docs: “To update, select “edit contact”, update the information, and hit save”
…and also: “in the card for “Domain Registration” you’ll find a link to Transfer Out.”

These links are not there. I have been told by support that they are “rolling out some changes” to make these available.

I’m not sure why Cloudflare would document features that are not available yet, but don’t waste your time looking for them.

I know this is a HUGE undertaking. The registrar team seems to be working seven days a week tracking down bugs in edge cases, and trying to add as much functionality as possible.

The good news is that these documented, but not yet available, features at least show us what’s coming soon…as opposed to, say, new TLDs they can’t talk about.

Admittedly, editing contact isn’t a big deal (yet) because you just had the opportunity to edit that info when you did the transfer, and it’s not public for the moment. And Transfer Out can’t happen for 60 days, so that’s a non-issue for the next couple of months.

Hi sdayman.

I realise it’s a big undertaking to get all this functionality happening but why not just add a line in the docs on those features to say “Coming soon”. Then poor mugs like me wouldn’t have to waste 20 minutes hunting around for them and eventually pestering your support team.

Poor mugs like us. I don’t work for Cloudflare, and I have to admit that I did try clicking “here” to see if it was an invisible link. I also tried poking around the developer docs looking for a Domain Contact Form that was mentioned as a replacement for the WHOIS email proxy address.

I’m quite sure there’s a huge backlog of work to get everything working for everybody. I’m happy to say none of the failures I’ve encountered have broken anything, but Support has been very helpful in getting stuff processed for me.

If there’s some sort of urgent need to update some contact info, open a Support Ticket and I bet they’ll do their best to help you out.

Sorry. For some reason I thought you were on the payroll. Poor mugs like us then. :slight_smile:

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