No IPv6 to origin server

I’ve been runnning the cloudflare free CDN service on my webstites for about 2 weeks now and noticed that I only see IPv4 Cloudflare access in the logs of my origin server.
The way I’ve set up things are as follows:

Main site: (not proxied)
Graphical files: (proxied)

In the logs of the main site I see both IPv4 and IPv6 clients. In the logs of graphical/cdn server I only see access by IPv4 from Cloudflare servers. A & AAAA records have been set correctly. I would have expected to (also) see requests fromm IPv6 from the cloudflare network.

Don’t get me wrong Everything seems to work fine I’m just wondering why I only see IPv4 servers from Cloudflare in the logs of my origin server.

Do you mean you are seeing all Cloudflare IPs in your access logs, and they are all IPv4?

I guess it’s because Cloudflare prefers to contact your server via IPv4?

Indeed, they are. A bit over 500 differen’t IP’s from cloudflare in these first 11 days of December all in the range mentioned on their site. I would have expected to see at least some, but actually even a majority of IPv6 request.

Indeed, but it’s not the behaviour I would have expected. Normally, if both ends are IPv6, you’d see a preference for IPv6 connections. (to my limited knowledge that is…)


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