No-ip instead ipv4

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is it possible instead of putting an ipv4 ip put a ddns service like no-ip?


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Without knowing what your question really is about… I’ll say a careful YES.

What you’re asking is for a CNAME. You can create a CNAME record in Cloudflare to point a subdomain of your to any other domain (such as no-ip, or whatever).

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today I have Type A with the Fixed IP that I have on my internet and the CNAME that has I didn’t understand how I could do what you suggested to replace the ip.


Im slightly confused on whats being asked.

You can create a CNAME to the root/sub domain of your website with the value of your NoIP subdomain/url.[dot]org.

That means the ip of the no-ip subdomain will always match your websites.

The rest of the configuration is done on no-ip. Either installing one of their clients or configuring it through their web interface.


example[dot]com → CNAME ([dot]org) could be automatically changed by their client on the server what finds its own public ip and sends it to no-ip to update their record. What in returns “changes” yours.

This may of not made much sense, but hopefully it explains it a bit better?

But as you said, you have a fixed ip any way. Im not sure if no-ip proxys (hides your ip).
If you are looking to do that, Cloudflare does that for you with the yellow cloud symbol next to the record.

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