No improvement after activating Cloudflare

Hi there,

I just activated this website on Cloudflare but don’t see any improvement in terms of speed at all. Both PageSpeed Insights and GTMetrics rate it the same, even after 24 hours of Cloudflare running.

The website is hosted on Weebly. Could it be that Weebly blocks something?

Thanks for any tips!

A Pingdom test looked really good (about a half-second to load):

GTMetrix was certainly slower (2.5 seconds):

The slowest resources on your site look to come from hotjar. Cloudflare can’t help with third-party resources, but your local files look pretty quick.

Oh boy, you are right. I completely forgot about Hotjar. Just took it off and already seeing an improvement. Just strange that Cloudflare itself didn’t have more of an effect. But maybe Weebly has a CDN running already, not sure.

Thank you anyway!

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