No images on our site

Google has removed all of our products because the image files are suddenly missing. Sure enough, all the images are gone and cant’ be loaded. The server appears to be fine but Cloudflare doesn’t appear to be reaching the server for some reason nor is it pulling the images from it’s cache.

They say North America is operational but something is very wrong. How can I troubleshoot this further?

Can you share the name of the site?

Yes. Sorry about the slow response. Weekend got in the way. The site is It looks better today but there are still a lot of missing images. It’s hosted on Volusion but the images themselves are hosted on our servers.
I do see where Volusion seems to be having problems of it’s own today but as the image problem goes back several days I’m not sure they’re related. It certainly doesn’t help troubleshoot. Both Cloudflare and Volusion seem to have been pretty sick for the past week.

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I dumped my computer cache and went to again. Almost none of the graphics are loading. They’re all cached in Cloudflare and yet none of them are showing for the end user. What’s going on? Is Cloudflare still really sick or is this a Volusion problem? Last week Volusion had a notice on it’s status page that there were problems with third-party sites such as Cloudflare but they say that issue has been resolved so why are all my images still missing? I can’t see the image if I try to load it directly from Cloudflare (rather than on a Volusion page) so I don’t think this is a Volusion issue.

I see a lot of images on the site, I cannot tell/see where an image ought to be and is not loaded. Can you try incognito mode?

It seems to come and go. One time all the images are there and the next almost none of them show up. If I reload the page often enough (to load up my local cache I assume) then they all show.
Just now I went to Disc Duplication Hardware sorted by brand name and scrolled down the page a bit and about 1/2 of the images are missing. If I switch over to incognito mode 100% of the images are missing.

Today almost 100% of images are loading correctly.

I did notice that when I log onto my site I get a warning saying the IP address isn’t familiar. Indeed it’s NOT my IP but rather a reverse look up shows it belongs to Cloudflare. BUT it’s not listed on Cloudflare’s list if IPs.

I wonder if some of my missing images are because some of Cloudflare’s IPs aren’t allowlisted in my firewall. The IP was which isn’t on their list at IP Ranges