No images loading and cant acess pages other than default

Hi i was wondering if anyone can help me, im fairly new to web stuff and Cloudflare.

I have a website up that im using cloudfare for the dns, nameservers, etc. If i go to the url it loads the landing page but the image wont load and if i try to go to any of the other pages they dont load it just stays being the same default page which i think is the same reason images dont work. It looks like when i go through Cloudflare it can some reason only access my index.html file which is the intial one and thats all thats served by the server too.

However if i go via direct ip instead of the url then everything works fine.

Do i have a setting incorrect in cloudfare or something? Everything worked fine for a while then just stopped working at some point even though im fairly sure i didnt really change anything.

Any help would be appreciated thanks

Are you able to provide us with your domain so we can inspect it?

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im hosting off my pc so i can only really have it up when im working on it. But the html is really simple its just a blank page with an image on it. All the html is correct but it just seems that cloudfare for some reason cant access the other pages.
The issue is that no matter the request or whatever i put in cloudfare always just asks my server for index.html which is the default page. So it tries to load the image and just gets index.html so cant load the image i believe it seems to be whats going on

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