No he podido apuntar el DNS desde Cloudflare a Siteground

Hola, necesito apuntar los DNS del dominio que compre en cloudflare al servidor en siteground y no lo logro, necesito ayuda.


Domains purchased on Cloudflare have to use the Cloudflare nameservers but you can certainly edit the DNS entries themselves and point them to your host. Youā€™d need to clarify the necessary entries with your host, however. If they provide an import file, you can also import the DNS entries.

Should you really need to use third-party nameservers, then you can only transfer the domain to another registrar.

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No entiendo que debo hacer? porque ya apunte a los servidores del servidor pero nada que funciona, debo eliminar el dominio de cloudflare?

Please donā€™t do that.

You need to add a DNS record to your cloudflare dashboard dns app that points to the IP of your origin server (where the site is hosted).

There are Tutorials to add and edit DNS records, Iā€™d review those first to understand what steps you need to take.

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Deleting the domain wonā€™t be exactlly useful. As already mentioned, you need to configure the correct DNS entries on Cloudflare and should contact your host for the details.

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