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I am trying to locate what is causing links that I insert into content to be by default nofollow. The issue is that it cannot be overridden the easy way. Plugins don’t change it, page Improve by Semrush (which allows you to manually change it) do not work. I have done all the normal testing, contacted the theme developers, hosting and Yoast and this is my last stop. I can see in Inspect it is outerHTML but I have no idea how to find what is causing this directive. The latest advice is to reinstall WordPress but I am hesitant to take such a daunting step.

An example of this is Troll On Netflix - Mother of Movies Underneath the last image is an orange link that I inserted that goes to a website highlighted word is MOVIE when inspected it is rel-nofollow. I would like to be able to change these to dofollow to pass on link juice properly and simply because I cant, its annoying me to no end.

Please help. I have contacted so many people and no one can work it out.

Does it change when you pause Cloudflare?

It’s off at the moment. Issue is still there

That indicates that it has nothing to do with Cloudflare and is going to be off-topic for troubleshooting in the Community.

I do see a configuration problem with your email. You had you MX record pointed to a proxied hostname which caused Cloudflare to create a synthetic hostname that begins with _dc-mx. Those names can be problematic. It would be beneficial to update your max to use your mail hostname. Mahe sure to keep your mail hostname set to :grey: DNS Only.

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Hi thanks for that. But can you please explain the first part of those changes so that I can understand what needs to change. I changed the mail A record to DNS and a triangle ! came up saying the origin server is exposed. It that now accurate and more beneficial. I don’t understand the first part though. Or is the mail change going to directly fix the MX record?

As long as your mailserver is on your webserver, there is no way around that. The synthetic hostname (_dc-mx) always starts with an underscore, which is not valid for use in hostnames. This can cause problems with mail delivery from some systems. You have the more reliable configuration now.

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