No Email Received to Reset Password


Hi community,

I have been trying to reset a password for my old account. But I never receive any email with the code to do so. I have tried this with multiple email addresses to test, and still nothing. What must one do to access their account?

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. I believe if I could actually talk with someone, I would have figured out the issue a week ago.



I’ve just tested my account a minute ago and received the “Instructions for changing your Cloudflare password” email in about 20 seconds. Make sure you can receive email from [email protected].
Also, you could contact [email protected] from the same email address as your account and let them know about your situation.


Thx @Withheld. I’m working on that now. I emailed support, but from my new account, not the old one, as now Im confused as to what email address it was under, since I’m not getting notified. I’m following up with this past developer I worked with to see if he changed it as well.


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