No Email Receive from Strato

Hello everyone,

I have a domain hosted at Strato ( and have entered the Cloudflare name servers there and set up a tunnel to my home. Everything works perfectly. But I can’t receive emails in the email account I have set up with Strato.
Does it have something to do with the CF name servers?

I tested the email with and got the following negative result:
Spam Test Result

Can anyone here help?

Many thanks and best regards

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Your domain has no MX records. MX records tell mailservers where you want your domain email to be sent. You should consult the directions provided Strato for configuring the necessary MX records in your Cloudflare DNS.


I have found the following MX records from Strato and entered them in the DNS menu:
(DNS-Einträge bei STRATO verwalten: Alle Infos | STRATO)


SPF: v=spf1

Für die aktuellen DKIM_Selektoren können Sie die folgenden zwei CNAME-Records eintragen:
strato-dkim-0002._domainkey.meinedomain.tld CNAME
strato-dkim-0003._domainkey.meinedomain.tld CNAME

After that the E-Mail reception worked.

Many thanks for your quick reply. It’s a great community here :slight_smile:

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