No email after updating DNS records

I have transferred my add-on-domain from Siteground to CF (using the manual installation not the one-click from SG)

The site is working fine, but i don’t receive emails anymore to my email client.

I have followed the DNS troubleshooting guide, but this has not solved the issue.

I have set the following in the DNS App

Pls try to change this entry:

CNAME mail --> :grey:
A mail --> :grey:

And then try again, but make sure that this also propagates before testing and also clear local DNS cache.

Anyway I would NOT recomment you to have a Mail-Server on the same Server as a Web-Server but these are just my 2 cents.
Better go with a professional Mailhoster like G-Suite or Microsoft where you can have your own domain names in your Mail and are hosted externally. This would safe you a lot of time and problems in the future


I changed the CNAME to A as you mentioned and cleared the DNS cache, but still not receiving emails.

Give this test a try. Enter and then a valid email address. It will show you the connection in realtime as it sends you mail.

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Ran it, no errors were shown. What do i look for if anything in the results?

Did you get the email it sent?


I did receive the email it sent. i had to get it through my webmail as i still cannot access with my email client on mac (mac mail)

It seems that the Site Ground mail-server is the same as the web-server as the host names are the same -

If i want to have then i have to use a non SSL connection.

Well, it looks like you’re stuck. You’re going to live with no SSL unless you can Auto-SSL that subdomain on your cPanel.

Mmmm…surly other people must run into this and get it to work! Will hassle SG and see what they say.

Thanks for your assistance so far.

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I added the following into the DNS, as advised by SG

MX - - - 30 - auto
MX - - - 20 - auto
MX - - - 10 - auto

No A record or CNAME record for mail.

and change the mail-server to -

Emails now working on email client.

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