No DS records found for in the org zone

I have followed the Cloudflare instructions and added the provided information at my Registrar’s site (Versio in the Netherlands). Things seem almost OK, but when I check using:

( being my domain name), I get a green checkmark almost everywhere, but one red cross:

“No DS records found for in the org zone”

I checked with Version, but they say the problem lies with Cloudflare. (And for a different domain yyyyy . org, for which I use Versio’s own NS, I do get 100% green.)

I’d appreciate any pointers!

What’s your domain?

Did they explain what the problem is and why it lies with Cloudflare?

When you’re manually setting DS records, the only parties necessarily involved are you, your registrar, and the TLD. Cloudflare’s only required role was telling you what information to copy and paste. (You could make up fake DS records and enter them if you wanted to. Your domain would stop working, but you could.)

If the registrar or the TLD is sending DNS queries to Cloudflare to validate that the proposed DS records will work, something might be going wrong with that, but it’s hard to guess what unless they explain or someone here is familiar with Versio or .nl.


Wait, this was about a .org domain, not a .nl domain. I’m pretty sure the TLD doesn’t validate DS records.

I agree with Versio, it sounds like you’re bypassing Cloudflare. On the DNS tab, are the clouds next to the records grey or orange? If grey, you’re bypassing Cloudflare. Click on grey clouds to make them orange.

@cloonan: correct, for this particular use case, I only wanted to use Cloudflare as name server, so I “kept all the clouds grey”. Am I trying to accomplish something that can’t be done, or merely doing things wrong? (And in the latter case: what should I do differently?) TIA for your help!

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hi, i am being told that my site

The site does not have any DNSSEC records

i am not sure what this means and what i need to do. my site is

it also says


The hostname has no DS records.

You can ignore that unless you want to dive into DNS Security.

But if you want to dive in, you need to enable DNSSEC at both ends to secure your DNS path:

  1. From the DNS Section of the Cloudflare dashboard (your DNS host)
  2. From your account at your domain registrar (Your domain registration host)

Thank you for that. I am very new to all this. It came up when i did the troubleshooting. I am trying to sort out the speed issue. I joined this morning and did all the settings, not sure if they are all correct, and i have not noticed and improvement in speed. Even cloudflare shows my improvement is only 17% but when i check on different speed tools it shows no improvement, so i decided to use the troubleshooting tool to see what i have done wrong

Hi, i am all new to this

My dashbaord was fine until today and now it is showing

Check DS record configuration

Does the hostname have a DS record? Does this record use the Cloudflare algorithm?

i have looked at this information and really confused. can anyone help me understand what has happened. my site is and what i need to do please