No domain showing in the Register -> Transfer Section

I have 14 .com domains in my account but none of them is showing in the Register → Transfer to Cloudflare section. So I am unable to transfer any domains.

I cleared my cache and tried a different

ent browser. Any suggestions?

I think the message is self-explanatory. Did you purchase your domain within 60 days?

Maybe you can provide one of them here so we can check.

All of my domains except one are out of the 60 day window. I saw the domains showing earlier last week.

A domain you can check is

I guess you need to seek help from Cloudflare Support.

To contact Cloudflare Customer Support, login & go to and select get more help. If you receive an automatic response that does not help you, please reply and indicate you need more help.

I did. But support request are currently delayed and some of my domains expire in 3 days.

You may post your ticket number here and @cloonan may take a look at it.

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@cloonan ticket number #2095939
Thank you for your help @erictung

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Hi @fal.geraets, sorry for the issues. I just logged into your account and I do see the domains to transfer. The screen took a moment to load, but they are there. I see 6 available to transfer, 3 already on cf with a transfer in process, 2 unsupported and 3 in the 60 day window.

If you still do not see them, try incognito mode to see if that makes a difference. LMK here if you’re able to see them. I see your ticket and will add myself to that to track progress as well.

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@cloonan, I switched to a Linux pc and see there all the domains. On windows, I notice an error msg in red at the bottom, but it disappears to fast to read the exact error code. I tried Incognito mode, chrome and edge all give the same error.


Thank you for the details, I’ll let the team know and I’m glad you see them!

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