No domain in DNS management for

Hello, can i please have some support setting up cloudflare on my website :

my website is :

Cloudflare DNS :

It’s been a long time, but my site is not visible on the network. Error DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN. What can be done about it?

Thank you so much

You havent set up any DNS records

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Thank you for responding. But unfortunately, I can’t see the image. Something went wrong. I attached a screenshot of what is now in DNS app.

All right, so you have records, but obviously not the one you are looking for. Add the record you are trying to resolve when you get the error message.

This error message appears when you visit on in the browser. So I assumed there was a problem with DNS. I added DNS records about 36 hours ago. But still my site is not available online.

Well, as I mentioned the record you are looking for obviously is not there. You have configured ftp, mail, server, and webmail.

How do I set up this record? I’m asking because I don’t know how. Last time I just added a domain to Cloudflare and it automatically configured everything and the site worked.

Please check out the tutorial I initially posted. It all is explained in there.

Thanks so much. My bad. After adding the records i see on the website error 502. Screenshot attached.

That error seems to come straight from your server.


This is a proxy issue on Cloudflare. As soon as I disabled it my site started working.

That request went straight to your server, so its an issue on your server.

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