No DNS Sync when adding new site

Is there a way to not have CLOUDFLARE SYNC DNS settings from a new site I want to add. The reason I ask is cause when I add a specific domain it has 30 DNS entries and I really do not want to delete EACH ONE for over 200 domains I want to add.

I believe there is an option when creating a site to not import DNS settings. Not sure if it is on the dashboard but it is in the API.

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@Cyb3r-Jak3 is correct. API (jump_start: false), and it’s also available when you Add Site in dashboard:


Is there a way to turn off DNS Sync for new sites I want to add. Reason I ask is I added one of the domains I wanted to add and it comes up with around 20 DNS entries. I do not want to delete 20 dns entries for over 200 domains I want to add to my cloudflare account. Thanks in advance.

From the setup documentation:

The DNS records quick scan is not automatically invoked in the following cases:

  • If you choose Enterprise plan and, instead of the Quick Scan, choose to upload a DNS zone file or add records manually.
  • If you add a zone via the API.

And if you’re adding 200 sites, then the API approach should be the way to go even if you didn’t have the need to skip importing existing DNS records.

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