No DNS response when proxy is turned on

Hello all:

With our DNS entries, when we have proxy enabled on a record, a result from a DNS query “dig <subdomain.domain>” does not return anything. When I set the record for DNS-only, it returns the IP set for the DNS entry. What could be causing this? These are for A records, and I’m querying the Cloudflare DNS directly. This seems to be the case for all records.

Thank you in advance

What’s the domain and what’s the host record?

The domain is, the record is pce-api. Proxying is disabled right now to allow the IP to work. Another entry is woe, which does have proxying enabled.

The records are both in place. One is proxied, the other one is not.


Addresses:  2606:4700:3031::6812:3640

Can you post the actual output you get?

I just realized I was reading the DNS output incorrectly from dig. Thank you for your help.

No worries :slight_smile:

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