No DNS resolution for domain


My websites is down for the domain “” and I can’t ping it.

If I try to ping the domain, for exemple I have the error :
ping: Temporary failure in name resolution

I didn’t do update or modification. The IP address of the subdomain is correct.

I don’t understand why ?


If you look at | DNSViz you’ll see that the TLD nameservers have a DS record pointing to a non-existent DNSKEY in your zone. This causes the failure.

Hello wouter, thanks for your reply.

So what I have to do to have my website up ?

Thanks in advance,

Did you touch any DNSSEC related settings on the Cloudflare side?

You should either re-enable DNSSEC in your Cloudflare dashboard, and update the DS record via your registrar. Or disable DNSSEC on the registrar side. Both may take a while to fully propagate and resolve the issue.

It’s weird, because few days ago I didn’t have problem for accessing my website and I didn’t touch or update settings on my registrar.

So I don’t really understand why just today it’s not working.

I have disabled DNSSEC on the registrar side and I will wait.

If I clear DNS cache, will this speed up the process?

Thanks for your quick reply :slight_smile:

Yes, clearing resolver cache will speed up the process.

Unfortunately the TTL on DS records is typically long. If you hover over the DS record on dnsviz you can see that in this case it is 2 days. So resolvers may cache it for up to that long (and that’s for how long your website will not load), unless it is forcibly cleared.

Note that it may take a while for the registrar to actually action your request to disable DNSSEC.

I.e. currently they’re still sending the DS record:

> dig DS +short
51679 8 2 42BBA67A86E7592F651EA4B846A6BF731CB07B848DD5E8E0EC9DC026 3E3F1D5B

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