No DNS records in the DNS tab

I kindly ask you to inform me if we do not add in the start DNS records the DNS tab, will be kept old DNS records and old website. We have changed inside domain registrar and set the correct nameserver inputs but without DNS records inside CloudFlare.

Is this abused hosting in this case as we added later DNS records and website vanished with the old content? Scanned Cloudflare and a new account showed old records.

If you want to get rid of old DNS records from that other account, you may have to wait 48 hours for them to go away after you’ve set your new name servers.

I have noticed again it happens. If we place

Nameserver #1 :
Nameserver #2 :

and account will not be added inside CloudFlare it will be strange content and obscure website content. We have all securing inside registrar, hosting provider, and enabling 2FA on our Cloudflare account.

  1. Does it mean that the same domain was used in the past in CloudFlare or this is some kind of abused CloudFlare system as any hosting records is placed inside Cloudflare?
  2. Should never be placed nameserver records for Cloudflare inside registrar if we do not add also account inside CloudFlare as sometimes it is done later?
SOA Serial Number Format is Invalid
SOA Expire Value out of recommended range

The remote server returned an error: (404) Not Found…

I’m not sure what you are trying to do. If you post your domain name and a picture of your DNS page here (it’s ok to black out IP addresses), we can help you more.

  • You do not need DNS records here if you are not going to use your domain.
  • If your registrar has the same name servers that Cloudflare has assigned you, your DNS records here will take effect.
  • It’s normal to get the SOA Serial Number warning for Cloudflare DNS. They use a different serial number format.

I have posted twice to Cloudflare suppport but it is an issue it will be detected scanner and obscure records inside Cloudflare. Due to security it can not be posted on forum and as I understand you do not support private chat. I try understand if somebody is inside the same time zone, it can place inside Cloudflare scanner and add their records and publish obscure content. It happened the same and twice for .COM domains.

You should only use one Ticket # when contacting Support. Can you post the first ticket # you used?


We have hosting security, CloudFlare security (two-factor auth.) and also registrar security. So, it is very hard to make it simple like take please security. We try to understand how they manage obscure content.

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