No DNS records displayed. All DNS records appear to have been removed?

Everything was working fine (has been for weeks) but suddenly I started getting NSLookup errors for my domain. Checked all my DNS servers and the results were the same. Logged into Cloudflare to find that not DNS records are being displayed in my dashboard for this particular domain. My other domains are fine (so doesnt seem to be a wider issue affecting all domains). This seems to be only domains I registered last month.

Checked audit logs, and found nothing suspect.

Any ideas??

What is the domain?

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One of the domains is

Are you sure there were records in there? Security Trails shows there’s never been any A/AAAA/MX/TXT records, although they may have slipped through the sampling (although it has picked up the nameservers).

If any records were created or deleted, it should be in the audit log.

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