"No DMARC Record found" for 3 domains although they are all present

Ive recently added 10 new sites to Cloudflare to be used for email, Ive added all DNS over API, and they all have the correct records, however 3 of the 10 show through MX toolbox “No DMARC Record found”
The records were published over a week ago and the dmarc txt record is present in all instances: v=DMARC1; p=none; rua=mailto:[email protected]
Anyone got any ideas? Thanks.

What are the domains?

Good question, they are all related actually which I thought was weird because the unrelated were fine. The domains were:
tryegbdigital dot com, meetegbdigital dot com and getegbdigital dot com. I had others that didn’t include egbdigital which were fine, so could be related perhaps?

*Jon *

Well, yes, they are not there :slight_smile: Can you show a screenshot of the DNS record from the Cloudflare dashboard?


and they’re all the same with their respective domains.

Here’s an example of one thats fine,but with exactly the same format:

You have used _dmark (with a k), it is spelt _dmarc with a c


wow, what an idiot! Thankyou!! :grin:


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