No Dashboard?

Hello All,
When I signed up for CloudFlare I had a Dashboard with all sorts of nav buttons that would take me to pages that allows one to do all sorts of things, look up DNS settings, go to caching and go to Page Rules among other things - see the attachment. For some time now every time I log into my account I don’t see these nav buttons and when I click on Pages, what is displayed tells me that I have to Create A Project. I already have a completed web app. When I click on the Create A Project button, it tells me to connect my team to Github. WTF, why can’t I look at my page rules for the web application CF is pointing to. Is the interface CF had when I signed up gone for ever? Any help will be very much appreciated.
Rick E

Hi @rickproa,

Pages is a different product.

If you click on the domain name, you will see the settings for that zone. Note that Page Rules is now a subsection of the Rules app.

Hello domjh,
I just found that out. That does not look like a button. I happened to look up a video and they clicked on the domain name, which brings up the dashboard. Thanks very much for your timely reply, that’s very much appreciated! How does one mark the post as answered or solved?
Rick E

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Okay, now I know how to set them to solved. Thanks

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