No CSS for Wordpress Admin Panel

My WHOLE admin panel of Wordpress looks like total mess with no css. Why’s that?

And also all google fonts doesn’t work on a site front end

:wave: @qipqop,

Probably mixed content issues. A number of tips for fixing in the forums if you use the :mag: feature.


@qipqop have you got a page rule for * with:
Disable Security
Cache Level: bypass
Disable performance

I contacted CF support with a similar issue. They gave me this somution and it worked for me.

What to enter into a Search? Problem is general, but i’m sure solution is the exact settings point

There now two rules -
one is - always use https
two is There now two rules - one is
“Disable Security
Cache Level: bypass
Disable performance”
Second i put just now. When the effect must start - right after editing or after some time?

@qipqop The second should be with the security and cache level changes.

@qipqop Once you have changed that page rule, go to your DNS settings on CF and click the orange cloud next to your domain so it turns grey. Then log in to your wp-admin area with HTTP (it may take a few minutes for your site to become accessible over http - you will probably need to temporarily disable the “Always use HTTPS” and you may need to clear your browser’s cache). Once you are logged in, come back to Cloudflare and change it back to the orange cloud symbol.

I found that this worked with my WordPress site when I had a similar issue.

I guess your first one did work. Hoping thats not because i’ve changed dns in registrar earlier, it shouldnt propogate. So i turned dns back to CF’s. Thanks a lot, sir!

No Problem, Glad I can Help.

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Are you a support representative or just a user?)
How do you think - should i turn that option off later? Or say in other words - my site still working slow, but that’s was the reason i chose CF. Now i dont see any sense of using it. I thought CF is a network of servers, that will redirect the traffic to my site not thru hostgator like now, but physically closer to me and my clients.

I am just a user. I don’t work for Cloudflare. Cloudflare does serve your site and yes, it does have a network of servers which are likely to speed your site up. Your website is still hosted through your provider but served through CF servers. Other benefits of using Cloudflare include security features, shared SSL cert and DDOS mitigation.

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