No CSS for a few moments for every page load

Hi guys,
we switched to Cloudflare about three weeks ago, and since then we have been getting a weird glitch on some pages. Everytime you load this page, there is a moment where it’s being displayed without CSS:

This happens at every pageload with this page, no matter if it’s cached or not. The length of the effect of course is dependent on the connection speed.
This only happens with a few select pages, if you look at this practically identical page, there is no issue:

The content of both pages are 99.9% the same. We looked at network analysis and waterfall diagrams. Everything behaves the same for both pages.

Has anyone had a similiar issue? How could we go about solving it?
Thanks in advance for your help.

Kind regards

for me it works good, the best bet I can take is rocket loader - try to disable it and see if the problem persist…

when the css not loading for few seconds, you say you can see the file loaded successfully in the devtools? when its happen any console errors?

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Yes, the page loads successfully, including all resources, as can be seen in the network monitor. There are no console erorrs being shown.

I tried deactivating Rocketloader, but to no avail. Since it only seems to happen in Firefox, I think we will just solve it using inline CSS for now.

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