No consigo enlazar mi dominio a mi web

Hello, I have a website created on Google Sites. I already verified the domain and I can access google search console without problems. The problem is that I already created the CNAME record a few hours ago with the data that Google provided me, so that my website appears in Google when I type my domain in the search engine: “”. Several hours have passed and when I type my domain in the search engine, only the following appears on the screen: “Right now this page is not available” “ has redirected you many times” Can somebody help me? Thank you!


The DNS record you have added is resolving as expected. DNS Checker - DNS Check Propagation Tool

When Cloudflare is enabled on your site and DNS records are orange clouded, Cloudflare IPs are returned in DNS queries for your domain. Placing your domain behind Cloudflare IPs is how Cloudflare protects your site from attackers. This is also the case with CNAME records. Orange clouded CNAME records will return a Cloudflare IP as an A record. You will need to gray cloud the record if you want it to show up as a CNAME record.

Also make sure that you do not have cname flattening enabled for all cnames: Set up CNAME flattening · Cloudflare DNS docs