No connectivity at all to my domain

I had turned on Cloudflare for my website and all seemed to be working fine until today where it randomly stopped working. I checked the cloudflare dashboard and it said everything was ok, I could see that traffic had been passing through. When I performed a tracert it just replied immediately Unable to resolve target system name Sadly I’m away for the next few days so had to remove my site from Cloudflare, cretainly for now but I would like to understand what this potentially could be. There were no issues recorded at my original target server so not sure what the issue was.

It is impossible to say what the issue was with your domain not pointing to Cloudflare.

the domain is hosted with godaddy and was pointing to the two cloud flare servers that was given, the fact it ran perfectly fine on these settings for a few days suggests all was well initially.

I would like to sort this issue as it was working very well.

You’d need to move it again to Cloudflare if you want comments on what might be an issue.

Your server appears to be properly configured, you have a proper certificate in place, and your site loads just fine via HTTPS without issues. In short, your site should work just fine via Cloudflare.

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I agree I think all I can do is try it again when I’m back from my business trip.

thank you :slight_smile:

oh another point to make, when I did enable cloudflare I noticed that could not see my site at all, even after many hours. As soon as I deleted my site from Cloudflare it could see it, not sure what thats about.

There often are false alerts from that site (the search will return plenty) but if you need details it will be best to contact them directly.

So I added my website again last night, its been up and running for about 12hrs and then the site becomes unreachable. Is this normal when joining Cloudflare? Dont know whether to panic, I wont remove the site from Cloudflare but obviously I need to understand how I get it back and working again.

You are redirecting from your naked domain to a “www” record, however you didnt set up such a record in your DNS settings. You need to do so first if you want to resolve.


I thought Cloudflare handled all the technical requirements for linking everything. Can you describe what I need to add and where please, just pretend I dont know what I’m doing :smiley:

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I got there in the end, thank you for your help on this.

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