No connection to internet after WARP

I’ve run WARP for a couple of month and it was working great. I used w/o WARP for better internet speed and had no issues.
Yesterday I couldn’t load any page on the internet without connecting to WARP instead of just
It worked for me, but I realized I can’t play battlefield because it asks me to disconnect from vpn/proxy. It worked previously when I was connected to only. I tried to switch off WARP, but the internet just stops loading whenever I do so.
I looked for solutions on this forum, but nothing helped. I tried to reset settings, close the program, uninstall and install it, etc.
I decided that I don’t want this trickery and uninstalled the app, hoping that my internet will work from that moment. However, it doesn’t load anything. Chrome posts the same issue about DNS couldn’t be found.

Check the DNS settings for your network interface. They may be set to manual or something. Try changing it to automatic or similar.


Yes, they were set for manual. I changed it to auto and it worked.
Thank you so much!

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