No connection to internet after WARP is connected

I have followed the step above link. I have run WARP on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS and verified that warp=on (successful). It is connected to WARP but no internet at all. If WARP is disconnected and able to access the internet.

What Did I Do Wrong? how to fix this problem? Please advice and help me

Thank You

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I have warp+ and I have this problem too. utter madness indeed.

I’ve been having the same issue lately, I saw a post saying that Warp has been blocked in Russia but that doesn’t seem to be case because I’m still using it on my phone and it’s working fine, it’s just my computer I’m having the issue. When I use the classic Warp, it just stops as “Securing your connection” and never connects and when I switch to Zero Trust it connects but then I stop getting internet access.

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