No Connection Received From Server

so i have got a minecraft server and apperantly I GET DDOS Every time… so i did “buy” a domain and get cloud flare on that domain BUT that doesnt work i can t connect to my server from the domain…

What’s the error message?
Would you mind telling us the domain?

In case you want to connect to your Minecraft server: Cloudflare does not proxy non-http traffic and only
the following ports:

There’s might chance to get it working with SRV records but your server IP will not be hidden completely.

Have a look to this list. I don’t know if someone was able to manage it:

no error message only don t connect to it…

  • the domain is :
    ip that i wanted to use and use to connect:

You didn’t walk through this…


You can’t protect it unless you use Spectrum and I am not aware of any workaround. Maybe someone here found a solution (i doubt it) and will share it.

You can set up your domain to connect to your Minecraft server, but you can’t proxy (:orange:) the traffic or hide the IP. Most MC / game server hosting companies have their own DDoS protection. For sure you have to pay for each slot.

No advertisement or recommendation for this one, but i don’t want to reinvent the wheel: Center/163/How-to-Create-an-SRV-Record-for-your-Minecraft-server-using-Cloudflare.html

just wanted to mention that i tried that guide and nothing didn t work …

how can i use Spectrum ?

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