No connect to Cloudflare DNS?



hi guys,
16 hours ago my hoster (all-inkl) mainteance the main-server.
since the mainteance cloudflare dont get any connect to my website the question is why?
i changed nothing from cloudflare and server of my hoster works without problems, i can access sub-domains only cloudflare nameserver/dns not. can someone help me please?




Your website gives the same 502 bad gateway error when going directly to the origin (bypassing Cloudflare) so it appears to be a server issue.


Sounds like Chris nailed it there, for future reference if you want to know how to do this without toggling Cloudflare on/off you can use cURL:


@skyk1ll your site appears to be functioning but I see you’re not using Cloudflare’s nameservers. Have you changed the nameservers at your registrar to the ones provided by Cloudflare? Don’t give up! :sunglasses: