No Communication with Cloudflare (IP) listed server


I have a few websites using the Cloudflare network (thank you, CF), however one domain is returning negative statuses.


I thought it was me at first, but it seems to be IPs associated with Cloudflare it’s unable to communicate with.

I’ve checked local SSL configurations in my HTTPD which turn out to be correct, have attempted to use a separate IP to point to within Cloudflare from a spare VPS to route to my main server (and even routed directly to main server), and still same results (I figured it’d be, but worth a try just to make sure).

Seems all communicates just fine without CF’s CDN, but using SSL over CF’s network is not currently working. Two messages from web browsers are returned:


Any tips?

Thank you,

One of my other sites hosted by Cloudflare passing tests fine.


When have you set up that domain? It might take some time until the certificate is issued.

The domain has been setup for over a month now.

Only now issues.

Have you checked its status in the control panel? I’d open a support ticket.

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