No CNAME records loading

My domain is not returning any cname records when I use (or other tools). A records and MX records are showing up as expected.

I’m trying to add records to authenticate with MailChimp

The domain is

Previously, I was using CNAME records to point to the host of the site rather than A names, using CNAME flattening. I thought this might be the issues, so I switched it to A names.

I made the change two and a half days ago, so I don’t think that caching is an issue.

They’re all showing up for me. You can verify at as well.

Thanks for the help.

Strangely, I am seeing it when I do a command lookup like yours, but it’s still not showing up when using any browser tool, including

I’m going to see if Mailchimp is satisfied, but I’m curious about this tangential question for future reference.

Your image is looking for a CNAME of the naked domain. Your DNS image says it’s an “A” record.

Sorry, but that doesn’t make any sense to me. In the dig query, the query is for a CNAME record.
And that is how it listed in the DNS zone also. Does it return an A name record? Does that have to do with how Cloudflare handles things, converting CNAMES to A records?

MailChimp still isn’t satisfied. I may just have to switch off of Cloudflare.

Never mind, I had to do one more step with MailChimp to manually recheck the records and authenticate. Things are good to go now.

Appreciate you @sdayman!

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