No cname records appearing

everything is with an X for my cname records?

I have it set to DNS only (no proxy)

What CNAME have you set?


…and the domain?

can i private mesage you?

If you don’t want to give the domain publically, you can put it in here…

I’ll follow up here in the forum so the information is useful to others (without mentioning the domain), but also it will mean no-one else will be able to help with the problem.

ok done

If you look at the test result section for “Check DNS for Mail”, you can see the CNAME records for ctct1._domainkey and ctct2._domainkey resolve to the service provider, and then on to their DKIM record. So it is working ok.

When querying at the propagation tester, you need to enter to see the records, it can’t get them if you just enter as they have to be looked up directly.

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weird, because the images shows X’s and also constant contact is saying nothing is appearing for them either…

It’s propagating…

As well as ctct1._domainkey and ctct2._domainkey, do they ask you to set anything else?

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