No Cloudflare Support

I’m having some problems with the domain registration/transfer and I can’t get any support from Cloudflare. I open a ticket last week and I have no response, I can’t even find the ticket, they are making so difficult to get support. Very unprofessional way to do business, I’m regrating moving some of the domains to Cloudflare, I guess sometimes is better pay a few bucks more with support than getting support like Cloudflare.

I have always found the support quite impressive for a free / cost price service. You should have received an email when you opened the ticket where you can now view it. If you post the ticket number, maybe @cloonan can have a look.

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Hi @puckparches, sorry for the difficulty you encountered. Your ticket number is 1612653, it may be worth searching for that number to see if an email went to spam. I’ve added note in your ticket to this conversation. Tagging @SamRhea for visibility.


Nothing in my spam folder. Do you have a link to the ticket section? Thank you


My best guess would be that it matches the pattern

So I presume yours would be


Yes, if you login, the link @domjh shared will take you to that ticket.

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Thanks for clarifying that, @cloonan

Thank you for the link!! No replies since last week to the ticket yet, but at least I can find the ticket.

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Thank you @puckparches, sorry for the issues and we really appreciate your support. Post back if anything comes up.

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I personally do not use “” link to drop any ticket. I feel difficult in sign in.

The simplest way is …

  • Compose an E-mail for [email protected] (Free/Pro/Business/Enterprise).

  • Login to Dashboard, initiate Live Chat (Business Plan)

I hope this helps.

The support link allows the CF team to gather more data about the issue, account and plan etc. though…

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And while I can’t speak to Cloudflare, I can tell you that using the proper form often prioritizes response-time as well (if nothing else, assigning the correct SLA, and possibly prioritizing specific issues or assigning specific types of issues to specific staff while uncategorized tickets often fall to the bottom tier until they’re manually re-classified).

Personally I prefer email too, but I understand the benefits of using a form to create a ticket.