No cloudflare account created

I used cloudflare on namecheap for shared hosting, did everything all on namecheap without creating a cloudflare account. I had an issue with my emails, and namecheap support set I have to manually alter it in my cloudflare account. The problem is I do not remember ever creating a cloudflare account for that domain.
I tried doing forgot email in cloudflare to double check if I actually created an account but I got no email and I checked spam/thrash

What steps can I take

Which domain is it?

If the domain is, then it is currently active on Cloudflare and has the nameservers jack and thea assigned. If you don’t have access to that account, you can only try the reset options, but if that did not work for you, you can only set the domain up anew on a new Cloudflare account or move the nameservers back to your host.


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