No button for firewall filters

Greetings all!
Logged in today and clicked “security”. Much to my surprise, there is no “tools” button shown now. No way to create new firewall rules.
Anyone seen this? It’s a first for me…

I see the option on your dash, perhaps log out and back in?

Will do that. Thanks.

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Logged out and back in with different browser. Still no tools button.

Screenshot. Not tools button.

This looks weird a bit :thinking:

May I ask have you tried using a different Web browser, or tried clearing your Web browser cache?

Yes, have manually cleared all temp,cache and cookies from 2 different browsers. Firefox and Brave. No change. I did find a new way to get there so I was not prevented from adding todays rules…

Have they moved said button to different location? Still not showing where I’m used to seeing it.

Sorry @chris71 if you are still encountering this can you let my colleagues at support AT Cloudflare DOT com know? Email from the account that owns the zone please and lmk the ticket number here. That is not at all what I see in your account and I want to make sure we address this.

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Your screenshot shows Security > Overveiw. Tools button is now under WAF. Click on Security > WAF and there should be another menu that includes Firewall Rules, Rate Limiting, Managed Rules, and Tools.


Thanks @cbrandt! Indeed we just released an updated WAF experience that you can read more at our blog: If you enabled our new navigation by clicking on the profile icon on the top right of the dashboard, you will be able to find all types of rules under the new WAF. We are currently looking into why the destinations like “Tools” are not showing up on our legacy navigation.

Besides, I am curious if you have any feedback on our new navigation, especially if there is any reason why you would like to use the legacy navigation. Many thanks!


Thanks for this explanation. I am using legacy view. I don’t like how the new look takes up so much real estate on the screen. Side bars have just never worked for me.

If it’s my use of the legacy view that’s causing this I suppose I could deal with the new layout… Are there currently plans to eliminate the legacy option? If not, I’d sure rather stay with it.


Many thanks to all for reading and replying to this thread. I have found my tools/ip block option in the WAF section.


You are welcome! We do not yet know when we will deprecate the legacy navigation. As you now know where to find IP Access Rules under the new WAF page, there is no urgency to switch to the new navigation at this moment.

And thanks for your feedback about the new navigation drawbacks, I will make sure passing your feedback to the corresponding team. Just curious, have you noticed that you can collapse the new sidebar navigation to save space?


Yes, I noticed. I guess for me the bottom line is that for many years I’ve worked from drop down menus. It seems much more natural to me and it leave me full width screen available below. Kinda like I just can not for the life of me get used to a Mac GUI. Not that I like Windows which is where I spent much of my life. All Debian/Ubuntu variants using an XP look and feel.

Again, very much appreciate your input and interest in this thread!


this is really good and informative post for me, thank you for sharing

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