No Bun Support. How?!

Bun has no support for Cloudflare Pages, Vercel, Netlify, nothing. I want to replace Node JS and use Bun as ENV variable but can’t.


You can use Bun for dependency installation during the Cloudflare Pages build:

Add these 2 env variables to your Cloudflare Pages environment variables for Production and Preview:

UNSTABLE_PRE_BUILD=asdf plugin add bun && asdf install bun latest && asdf global bun latest && bun i

This doesn’t change the runtime to Bun though, just the build image.

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how do I change Runtime to Bun? There has to be an ENV variable that can. If not, this NEEDS fixed. Cloudflare would be crazy not to add support for the Bun runtime considering it’s WAY faster than Node.

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We are looking at Bun support right now :slight_smile:
If you join our Discord, you can opt to be enabled into the testing: Discord


I can’t. I was banned from your discord my username is SaucyOfficial please unban me so I can. Whatever I did I’m sorry. Thank you.

I want Bun support enabled for Cloudflare account thanks.