No .au TLD support

Hi, I’m trying to add my .au domain into a Cloudflare site.
Knowing the TLD is relatively new I understand there may not be support yet.
.au was released by auDA earlier this year, could this be supported?

.au is a regular public TLD and will work perfectly fine on Cloudflare - DNS Checker - DNS Check Propagation Tool

If you receive an error message, I’d suggest you first try the search here.

Now, if you want to transfer the domain to the registrar service, then that would currently not be supported.

I’m getting the not a registered domain error. I own the domain and the NS record on the DNS checker shows up as Cloudflare.

It shouldn’t be pointed at Cloudflare until you’re told which two to use - which you won’t have if you’re getting the not a registered domain prompt.

Go back to your registrar’s nameservers and then add it.

As I mentioned

I wrote that for a reason and that message has been discussed more than once and there’s no reason for thread #1004. Even your own posting links to that thread.