No Argo Tunnel connections but still seeing traffic


We recently experienced an outage with our Argo tunnels in Oceania region at 6.25ish to 6.30ish am UTC on the 4th of this month. The logs show a 3002 being returned with application error,
Then server tunnel errors,
“Unable to establish connection.”}
{“level”:“error”,“error”:“already connected to this server, trying another address”
and then
i/o timeout",“time”:“2021-05-04T06:27:02Z”,“message”:“Unable to establish connection with Cloudflare edge”}

and it tries to connect to several different IP’s in the 198.41 range.

,“connIndex”:2,“time”:“2021-05-04T02:14:40Z”,“message”:“Connection terminated”}
{“level”:“error”,“connIndex”:3,“error”:“Application error: 3002 connection dropped”,“time”:“2021-05-04T06:26:36Z”,“message”:“Serve tunnel error”}

{“level”:“error”,“connIndex”:3,“error”:“tls: use of closed connection”,“time”:“2021-05-04T06:31:45Z”,“message”:“Serve tunnel error”}

I see from the monitoring I have setup with my LB that this was restored within 5 minutes.
However, when I check on my tunnels on the origin servers, I use “cloudflared tunnel list” my tunnels come up with the correct uuids but show no connections, but I can see traffic still coming through, could this be related? And why is my tunnels still working if my origins show no connections to the tunnels?

Has there being any issues with Argo Tunnels in the Oceania region? I checked the status page and didn’t find anything.

I’ve subsequently rebooted the servers affected and connections are being reported correctly now. I’d still be interested to know why those connections where not showing as connected from the CLI even though
traffic was still coming through.