No app for android 4.4.2 devices

I have an old phone and it runs android 4.4.2 and app is not suported is there a way that ı can install or use on this phone (samsung galaxy s3)

Probably, if your device is rooted. Even then you need additional apps like Market Helper’ to install incompatible apps. If you don’t care about the source you could search in F-Droid’s database.

But this Android version is a very high security risk for you and your data, and you better get a new device. There are cheap but powerful smartphones out there, like the Xiaomi Mi A series with Android One.

I tried the oldest versin on .apk websites and yes ı will probly get a new phone (iphone) in a few monts so its not worth risking it bu i really likeed the ipad verison the internet on my ipad is much fater now with warp (wich in Turkey we don’t have good infustucre of fiber )(we do have fiber but it is the same speed as adsl)(cable) but thanks