No analytics showing, and when I enter under attack mode - no interstitial is shown

Hey Folks,

I’ve used Cloudflare on multiple sites before, and each time it’s worked flawlessly.

However, on my recent site - absolutely no analytics is showing (on my other websites, also on a free tier account), analytics is working fine…have I done something wrong or is there a reason my latest site wouldn’t have access to the analytics in the same way my previous sites on a free plan would?

Secondly, when I hit ‘under attack mode’ - and go incognito, I am expecting to see an interstitial pop up (I wanted to test it actually works if I ever get DDOS’d)…but I don’t see anything? Anyone able to help me troubleshoot or figure out if everything is ok?

Thanks so much in advance,

It sounds like your site is hosted with a provider who already uses Cloudflare. Who’s your host?

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